Lawton Printing is perfectly equipped to do the Avista Annual Report.  We know that everyone that touches this project makes it a priority and gives us the attention we need to make it happen.  Our reputation depends on its success.
Darin Klundt, Klundt Hosmer
We’ve seen a commitment from Lawton Printing to the customer service, upgraded equipment, and impeccable quality needed to do our Annual Report.  All at a fair competitive price.”
Jessie Wuerst, Avista
When Lawton first introduced their Acrobat Distiller presets, I was skeptical. Native file submission was all I knew, and moreover, all I wanted to know. Now that I have grown accustomed to creating press-ready PDFs, native file submission seems primitive. Lawton introduced standards that helped me to see inconsistencies in my files BEFORE they went to print. I wish every vendor would create specific distiller settings for their equipment. It takes all the guess work out of preparing tidy files.
Lorri Johnston, BHW1
The knowledge contained within the walls of Lawton Printing allows designers to imagine ‘What if…?’ – and then helps us work toward meeting our clients expectations and, ultimately, the end-user’s needs.
Shirlee Roberts-Downey, helviticka
In order to meet the high demands of our Itron sales teams and internal customers, Itron’s Marketing and design teams tend to work on many projects that demand we work under tight deadlines due to an ever-changing industry.  So, when a printer says they will meet a crucial deadline for us, I have to trust that they will.  Lawton Printing is one of those partners that will deliver, and that we have come to count on when we need a job done on time and done right the first time.
Robert Fitzner, Itron




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