The Women Helping Women Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering women and children to create healthy families and vibrant communities.  The two main goals of this fund are to create awareness of the plight of women and children in need in Spokane, and to raise money that is used to assist programs that make a positive difference for women and children in the Spokane area.  Every May, the Women Helping Women Fund holds an annual luncheon to raise those funds.


Since the Women Helping Women Fund started 21 years ago, Lawton Printing Services has helped create and produce many printed products for the luncheon event.  Each year, the theme for the Women Helping Women Fund program is different.   Joy

There are a variety of pieces created to promote and enhance the luncheon.  One of the benefits to the sponsors of the event is being featured in the printed materials.  This year Lawton Printing Services printed two versions of advertising posters, a save the date postcard, the luncheon program, raffle brochures, and thank you letters and envelopes sent to supporters and sponsors following the event.  Due to the nature of the event, the turnaround time for the sponsor-featured materials was only 3 days before the luncheon.   The delivery of the thank you notes is as quick as two days.

This year’s luncheon theme was “joy”, with Bonnie St. John as the keynote speaker. Lawton Printing Services helped produce and develop the materials, incorporating a unique, feminine design developed by Boom Creative.  Many of the pieces were developed and sent press ready, while the design of others was adapted by Lawton Printing for supplemental pieces.


The long-term relationship between Lawton Printing Services and WHWF has developed into a wonderful partnership.   The Women Helping Women Fund utilizes Lawton Printing as a resource early in the planning Award Winnerprocess for their printed materials.  They’ve relied on Lawton Printing for input on ways to execute creative concepts efficiently and economically.  For example, the original concept for the program for the 2012 luncheon included a cost prohibitive cover design.   After looking at other options and brainstorming with WHWF, Boom Creative and Lawton Printing the creative execution was adapted to include an embossed cover on a unique paper.  This piece ended up winning regional and national design/printing awards, and presented the twenty year anniversary concept beautifully.

Early planning also allows for quick turnaround with tight deadlines.  Getting materials to Lawton Printing as late as three days before the event, is manageable because of the overall early communication.


This year’s 21st annual luncheon was an enormous success thanks to the commitment of 100 underwriters, 150 table captains, and 1,600 attendees.  The Women Helping Women Fund is very pleased with the relationship with Lawton Printing that has resulted in the consistent branding of each campaign.   The printed material adds value to the advertisers/sponsors commitment.  Lawton Printing has become a valuable asset to the Women Helping Women Fund by developing a close relationship with them and meeting their specific needs creatively, accurately and on time.

Donations at the luncheons have dramatically increased from $64,000 in 1993 and broke all records with $336,000 in 2012.  Through 21 years of annual luncheons, WHWF has raised $6 million and supported 390 programs in the Spokane community.

“As a small nonprofit, it is essential to work with a local company that understands our unique needs.  Lawton Printing operates as an extension of our office, providing budget-friendly services in creative design, exceptional printing, and on-time mailing services.  We’re here to enrich the community and Lawton helps us fulfill our mission.”

Lisa Diffley, Executive Director

Women Helping Women Fund