Seth QuoteSocial Media has changed the way people connect, discover, and share information. Facebook users share 1 million links every 20 minutes (LeverageNewAgeMedia). More and more, people are turning to social media to search for information about everything from restaurants to dentists. As a business owner, this presents an unbelievable opportunity to connect.

On a personal level, we use social media because we love to see what our friends and family members are up to. We like to tell our friends our stories.  We now have that same ability to connect on a one-to-one basis to our customers every day. We can engage in a true interactive conversation with our customers. This is a marketing game changer!

Social media is a great way to communicate with consumers because it also presents an opportunity to integrate with traditional marketing. Working from a cohesive strategy with all of your other marketing channels helps reach your marketing goals and your ultimate business goals.

Traditional marketing is where you tell your own brand story. Social media is where the story is being told by others. While you can’t control the conversation totally, you must engage and participate.  If you’re not telling your story others are telling it for you without your input.

Discover how Lawton Printing Services uses integrated marketing programs to engage your customers. We will work with you to tell your story.