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Lawton Printing Services is a strategic partner that provides high-quality, personalized, digital printing, and marketing solutions to our clients. Our team approach to customer service, progressive outlook, dedication to environmentally friendly practices, and our commitment to our community set us apart. We can handle both small and large jobs, so we can help you come up with an effective solution no matter the size of your project. The four tenets of the Lawton Advantage are:

  • Customer Service is Key

    Customer Service is our top priority. We want the client to feel like we are wholly invested in their project as much as they are. We have solid procedures set in place, formed by years of experience, that ensure projects are done right, done on time, and done on budget. Our team approach means there is always someone looking out for you and we have a vested interest in your project from start to finish.

  • A Progressive Outlook

    Lawton is adaptable and open to using new technology. We invested in the HP10000 because that is where the future of print is headed. People are looking for short-run, quick turnaround, and high-quality, at a decent price. This technology enables us to meet those needs. We have the experience to know when to move forward.

  • Dedication to the Craft

    We take pride in our work and we pay attention to the details. We use sustainable materials and practices so that we can keep doing the work that we love to do. We do the job right, with quality, and don’t take shortcuts. We are FSC certified and environmentally conscious.

  • Committed to the Community

    Supporting nonprofits that are vital to our community is important to Lawton. We started in Spokane in 1940 and we are committed to this area.