Marketing Supply Chain Management

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Marketing Supply Chain Management

By taking a complete approach, identifying inefficiencies and developing best business practices, companies can improve their marketing supply chain process. Lawton Printing Services can help you manage total marketing supply chain, from e-storefronts to warehousing and fulfillment.  Keeping materials current by printing on demand, warehousing and fulfilling orders through a streamlined process increases efficiencies and overall effectiveness of your marketing program.

  • Creation – identifying and developing marketing materials to meet customer need and/or to support sales initiatives
  • Production – producing printed materials or promotional items
  • Warehousing – physical storage of materials
  • Fulfillment – order management, service standards, shipping & tracking
  • Feedback – collecting information for continuous refinement; from inventory reporting to updates and feedback from end users

Each of these functions requires high levels of coordination and support to ensure that they are managed effectively and also seamlessly integrated into the larger supply chain.

Data Management

We provide full database services including data supplementation, targeting and “scrubbing”.  We prepare, evaluate and format mailing databases using specialized software. We process all of the databases through the National Change of Address as well as the CASS to certify the databases, optimizing mailing cost efficiency and accuracy.

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