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Direct Marketing Solutions

Direct marketing is simply connecting businesses and their customers. Lawton Printing Services has been working with our clients to do just that since 1940 – effectively and efficiently, creatively, and with a quality printed piece.

Like all business, direct marketing has changed over the years.  Traditional geographically-targeted direct mail campaigns have evolved to data-driven targeted direct mail programs combined with multi-channel marketing programs. Lawton Printing Services has been at the forefront of this evolution and is committed to continuing to offer our clients progressive, effective marketing solutions that increase their return on investment.

Lawton is a Mailing Service Provider

We offer extensive direct mail services for our clients. Our in-house, full-time expert works with our salespeople and their clients as a resource. This collaboration and consulting provides the most cost-effective, efficient ways to coordinate and implement a direct mail project. We maintain a solid relationship with the USPS for continuous input and education on current postal requirements and processes.

We  are capable of producing variable data mailings on our HP Indigo 10000, HP Indigo 5600, and our Mach 5 press. We offer one or two piece machine insertion, metered, and automated barcoding in addition to tab closure capabilities. We also maintain bulk mail permits for our clients’ use.

Database Management/Variable Data Printing

On the front-end of a direct marketing program is  list/data management and list creation. Lawton will partner with you to scrub your data, append it, and help you identify your customers and potential customers.

When you’ve identified your customer, we will work with you to personalize and customize your message to speak directly to them. Our solutions offer effective personalized communication. Your direct marketing program becomes a high response rate proposition resulting in a cost-effective business strategy with attractive ROI.

Need help in managing and preparing your database for a variable print or direct mail campaign?  Click here for more information.

We Can Help With …

Personalized Printing

We’re going way beyond mail merge here. We can print different variables on your pieces all day long. It all starts with a good database and some creative ideas, and we can help with that!