Spokane Chiefs Targeted Direct Mail

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Project Description

The Spokane Chiefs wanted to increase attendance to their Wednesday night games. The games are welPrintRocksLogo2014l attended on the weekends by families, and the objective of this campaign was to expand their fan base by reaching out to other people who may be more likely to attend during the week.

We worked with the Chiefs to develop a print and cross-channel campaign that targeted a new audience. We purchased a mailing list of 5,700 people who live in the Spokane city limits. This group was sent two different postcards, each including a landing page URL offering a voucher for discounted tickets and a free drink. When they responded online they were given a code to use for special pricing.
Awareness of the Wednesday games increased and overall happy hour sales increased.  This program was a PPI Association PrintROCKS! winner incorporating targeted direct mail and a web-based landing page interface.

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