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Project Description


DAA Northwest (DAA) is the Northwest’s largest independent wholesale auto auction. DAA offers dealers 800 – 1200 vehicles each week, and as many as 3,500 at special events like the annual Rock & Roll Sale. Their success has come from the solid relationships they’ve established with national accounts such as Ford and Bank of America as well as auto dealers across the United States. DAA relies on Lawton Printing to help them provide superior vehicle remarketing services and establish long-term relationships with their buyers.


DAA requires customized solutions for a broad range of business ventures that they provide. In addition to the auto auction, they offer vehicle inspections, maintenance, repairs, warranties and full service body shop and renovations. Their goal is to sell as many vehicles for their sellers at each auction. In addition, they would like their dealers to utilize their full spectrum of services. The nature of their printing requires a broad range of marketing materials to promote their business including weekly auction catalogs, direct mailings, promotional flyers, vehicle stickers and other identity pieces. Much of their print requirements are on-going and time sensitive.


One of DAA’s unique niches is hosting monthly auction special events. These range from themed events to large scale, VIP, celebrity events. For each monthly event, Lawton works with DAA to produce everything from direct mail to variable data tickets, posters, and signage. In addition, we provide customized identity packages printed on specialty substrates on our digital press including windshield stickers for each of the auction vehicles. Each week a 16-40 page program gets printed on a next-day turnaround time frame. The nature of this piece is time sensitive and files and data are changing up until the absolute deadline. DAA has strongly differentiated itself by promoting its dealer consignment in much the same way that all auctions promote national accounts (i.e. Bank of America, Ford, Avis). Successful branding includes printing customized identity packages including windshield stickers for each of the vehicles. Lawton Printing is able to print on specialty substrates quickly on our digital press.


DAA has built a successful, financially strong business. Their overall marketing strategy has resulted in a 30 – 40% increase over their competition’s success rate with dealer consignment. We’ve developed a solid relationship with DAA that has resulted in them counting on Lawton Printing to add value for their customers, manage the quality of their brand and help differentiate them from their competitors.

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