Ready for something different?

Is your marketing not landing where you need it to?

It’s time to try something different.

Marketing has changed. What used to work, isn’t working so well. There are confusing new marketing methods and channels to sort through and learn. Who has the time? It only adds to the stress of “how do we get results today?”

On top of this, the new marketing methods involve measurement and analytics to track the effectiveness of each campaign. This was never the case in the past. Marketing was about design a campaign, launch and pray.

There would be results, but you wouldn’t be able to determine exactly what led to them. Today past success is no indicator of future success. There has to be a better way.

There is. At Lawton, we know marketing and graphic communication have changed. You still need to bring your message to the market in a graphic way, but that may now be through print, web, SMS or other channels. How do you know what will work? Do you even know if you CAN do it? Clearly, you need guidance and a plan.

That’s where Lawton comes in.


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