Lawton Design Scholarship Winner Awarded

Lawton Design Scholarship Winner

Lawton Design Scholarship Winner

The Lawton Design Scholarship contest culminated on April 14 with judging of the entries, choosing a winner, and celebrating at the Lawton facility.  Corey Sizemore of Eastern Washington University won with a design that captured the marketing objective in a impeccably executed piece.

Our premise was to reach out to design students at area colleges and universities to educate, network and work with them on designing a professionally printed piece that they can use in their portfolio and Lawton Printing could use as a unique marketing piece.  The caliber of work that came from this project was impressive, and the overall experience was a great one for us.

Students designed a marketing piece that was printed on a Mohawk Dimensional pre-perforated and pre- scored packaging premium paper. The result was nearly sixty 4” cubes that we printed digitally on our Indigo press.  The marketing objective of the piece was to promote Lawton Printing Services as an FSC printer, and to reinforce our initiative to be the most environmentally friendly printer in the region.

One interesting aspect of this entire project was the way the pieces came to life.  I spent a lot of time reviewing the files digitally, and had a preconceived notion of what I thought they would look like produced.  Frankly, some of the designs that looked flat and boring on the screen ended up being my favorites when they were printed and assembled.  The complexity of a cross-over or the detail of hand-illustrated elements got lost on my monitor.

When the piece was printed, it completely changed, blossoming into a tactile experience.  It was such an interesting demonstration of the strength of different media, digital and printed.  A design can look completely different on screen, on a flat sheet, and on a three dimensional printed package.

When you are working on your branding, marketing or campaign development keep in mind the integration of all different media.  Each media has its strength, and being one dimensional in your approach flattens your customers overall experience with your brand.  Bring it life — with a web experience, a printed experience, packaging, signage, customer service, promotional pieces, educational materials.  Don’t box your company in to a one dimensional experience for your customer.

What started as a simple idea morphed into a rich project that connected Lawton Printing, area college and university faculty, design students, local and regional design and marketing professionals, and a wholesale paper vendor.

Thank you to Eastern Washington University, Spokane Falls Community College, North Idaho College.  Instructors Travis Masingale, Ginelle Hustrulid, Carl Heidle, and Greg Stiles.  Judges Mitzi Van Voorhis, Jules Van Sant, CK Anderson.  All of the students who participated and Mohawk Paper Company.  We’re already thinking about next year!


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