Tuesday, Aaron Lawton and I had the good fortune to meet and speak to students of the Eastern Washington University Multimedia Design class. Eric Galey, instructor, hosted us and I was very impressed with the interest and talent at EWU.

We discussed the ways that designers can partner with their printer to make their projects flow smoothly.  Highlights of that exchange of ideas included discussion about the advantages of meeting with your printer well in advance in the planning stages of your project.  This step will allow you to take advantage of production and budget efficiencies, and provide designers the opportunity for brainstorming paper solutions, printing techniques and insight you might not otherwise have.

We also discussed using the appropriate project preparation steps for success. Those steps will save time and money on projects.  Example: Using the appropriate PDF pre-sets protects the integrity of project files and will expedite throughput.

Of course we talked at length about digital media and the role print plays in this larger marketing world.  The one thing that differentiates you in a digital world is a printed piece.  Print provides credibility, trust and longevity to your promotion, campaign or company while digital media is quickly consumed or ignored and deleted.

What a wonderful group, facilities are fabulous and to see the students so engaged made my day! Many thanks to the students and faculty at EWU!