File-EZ is an organization that prides itself on supporting American companies any way it can and appreciates those companies that support us.  File-EZ products include Pocket Folders, Printed File Folders, Report Covers, Acetate Covers, Laminated Folders.

For over 30 years, naviTABS has provided  over 25,000 retailers and individuals all over the United States with index tabs to make organization easier. We manufacture a wide variety of index tabs with one goal in mind: Our customer’s needs. Whether you need to get organized with our number tabs, Bible tabs, or Rite-On tabs, or you just need to make your phone book easier to use, naviTABS has you covered!


innovAGING’s mission is to connect senior resources and services to the people and agencies that need these resources, allowing the older population to combat aging issues and maintain a high quality of senior living.