Evaluating Your Company’s Newsletter

Many companies have been taking a long look at their printed newsletter and evaluating the effectiveness of that piece. There are several factors that determine the effectiveness of a company newsletter.  As you’re doing your marketing planning, keep the following information in mind.

#1: Newsletter helps you to keep customers.Newsletters

People read printed newsletters as publications.  Unlike advertising and marketing material messaging readers are more receptive to the information contained in newsletters. A well-written newsletter program helps you to create relationships with your customers. When you share information in your newsletter, you build trust and establish rapport. When you share valuable information, your customers will actually look forward to receiving your newsletter. Plus it helps you stay top-of-mind with them. As soon as they receive it, they’re thinking about you and your company. Issue after issue, you build stronger relationships with your customers.

#2: Newsletters help build credibility

Your company’s newsletter promotes brand credibility because your advertising & marketing messaging is now in a publication. You can share tips and stories how others benefited from your product or service. Include statistics and testimonials that help build brand credibility. Combining direct mail with other marketing activities increases campaign payback by up to 20% (Meta Analysis of direct mail study, Brand Science on behalf of Royal Mail)

#3: Newsletters help you stand out from your competition.

With a printed newsletter you differentiate yourself by staying in regular contact with your customers and providing them with valuable seasonal, relevant information. Newsletters work to keep customers aware of your products and services. You set yourself apart from your competitors with content including useful information and articles. The printed newsletter reinforces your brand attributes and “plays well” with other media like Radio, Television, Mobile, Print, Internet and Transit.

#4 Newsletters trump other forms of communication.

Newsletters deliver direct to your client’s home address. Mail is ‘invited’ into the home, better than any other marketing medium. Newsletters do not have to compete with the “in-box” of deliverables like email. Only 12.5% of emails actually are delivered and unlike home addresses, customers email addresses change all the time.

Print is Tactile. Printed material has a higher perceived value than online material. People simply prefer the enduring tactile aspect of paper. Printed newsletters offer easy reading and portability-they can be read anywhere!

Paper is a renewable resource. Paper made from recycled paper products and sustainable forest products. The newsletter itself is easily recycled.

73% of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product announcements or offers from companies they do business with. A printed newsletter has a much higher pass-along readership rate than social media or email.

Readability is higher than other forms of media, has a longer life, provides resources to readers. Unlike short life of email & social media, readers spend more time with print material they receive.

Of course using a solid media mix, leveraging the strengths of each individual medium is the best strategy. When considering your company newsletter in your marketing planning, consider the strengths of the printed piece as well as an emailed version, and use them to complement one another.

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