Environmental Responsibility

At Lawton we recognize the need to promote environmentally friendly printing techniques. We encourage environmental practices from the design stage through the finished product.

We are diligent about recycling efforts and recycle all scrap paper and paper waste in addition to aluminum, aluminum cans, and plastics.  Other environmental initiatives include the use of soy-based ink and alcohol-free fountain solution. We offer a solvent-free UV coating and use a water-based aqueous coating to protect your printed pieces, both without any harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Aqueous coating provides a glossy, durable surface that deters dirt and fingerprints while UV coating adds a hard, ultra-hi-gloss finish.

We are focused on reducing waste. By using top-grade paper with highly-trained press operators, we have considerably reduced the number of test or “make-ready” sheets needed to run through the presses as we set up your printing project.

Use the following links to find out how your next printing project can affect the environment.