Lawton Printing Services opens possibilities with new equipment

Indigo 10000

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON, August 23, 2016 – Printing options in the Pacific Northwest just got an upgrade. It’s comparable to the leap from landlines to smart phones.

Businesses will have a new printing option that is faster, higher quality, and more flexible. Lawton Printing Services has invested in a new HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press—the only commercial press of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

Creating more options for customers

The large digital press allows customers a range of new options—most notably the ability to print larger projects at smaller quantities. Currently, most digital presses limit the size of projects to 11” x 17”. Anything bigger requires offset printing, which usually involves large quantities to be cost effective.

“It’s the way of the future,” says Laura Lawton, President of Lawton Printing Services. “Customers want customized, smaller print jobs but with the flexibility of a larger press.”

“We’re very excited to be the first commercial printer in the Northwest to have this press.” says Lawton. Not even larger Northwest markets like Portland or Seattle offer this option to customers. The nearest commercial printer with this capability is in Salt Lake City.

Lawton will have this equipment up and running early this fall.

Customers can enjoy these benefits from the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press:

  • More options – For the first time, the press makes it possible to print larger applications digitally. The 20” x 29” sheet size fits projects like pocket folders, six-page brochures, posters, large lay-flat books—products that used to be dependent on an offset printing process. The press can handle everything from small quantity print runs to personalized mass mailings, and it is compatible with over 2,500 papers and other substrates.
  • Faster turnaround – The high-speed press can print 4,500 sheets per hour—that means over 2 million sheets per month. It delivers at 2.5 times the productivity of any digital, sheet-fed press on the market today.
  • Higher quality – The press offers not only a 4-color process (like other digital presses), but also a special Pantone matching system. Its print quality matches or exceeds offset, allowing the two to be used interchangeably.
  • An environmentally friendly option – Because the press is digital, it requires less waste to dial in the color. It also has new energy efficient technology and automates the process of getting a project to press, decreasing materials used in the process.

Since its start as a two-person family business in 1940, Lawton has evolved into a full-service printer. Over the last 76 years, the company has built its reputation on being a first-adopter of the technology its clients need.

“Client success depends on being on the cutting-edge,” says Lawton. “This press allows them to up their game and really bring their brand to life.”



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