Integrated-InsidePageThe average American is exposed to over 3,000 marketing messages a day.  This overwhelming amount of noise in the media has trained most of us to tune out.  But what if your customer really is in the market for your product or service?  How do you reach them? How do you cut through the noise?

To stay competitive in today’s business environment, an integrated marketing strategy leverages the strengths of all of your media outlets — print, web, social media, email and events. No single channel can win on its own any more. Today, it’s about being wherever customers are, giving them relevant messages, and making sure that each interaction is intelligently connected to the next.  Ultimately, it’s not about one channel working better than the rest.  It’s about all of them working together.

One of Bill Maher’s better quotes is, “Man is only as loyal as his options.” If you’re trying to reach your customer using only one media channel, you may not even be an option.

It really is about choice.  It’s not the size of your campaign, but consistent, relevant messaging focusing on the right customers using their preferred media.  E-mail may be perfect for some of your customer segments, but direct mail reaches others.  To begin or enhance your relationship with your customers and prospects, give them a choice.  Be one of the options.  Let them drive the marketing program.  Let them choose the best way to reach them.

Join us over the next several weeks, as we explore several of the components of an integrated marketing program.  If you’re overwhelmed, start slow, measure the outcome and adjust.

Discover how Lawton Printing Services can work with you to engage your customers with integrated marketing programs that connect your business to your customers.  Using our strategies allows you to personalize your message, measure and test the results, and create compelling campaigns that result in improved marketing ROI.

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