Whether you enjoy politics or not, the political season is upon us. If you are running for office, effectively reaching voters is your objective. With many diverse mediums available, you want to stand out among the clutter. Print is an excellent choice to achieve this goal.

Print has distinct advantages. Perhaps the most important is that it’s tangible; it can be held, shared and kept until a voter fills out their ballot. You don’t get that from email, websites or television. In fact, a majority of American homes have a DVR and viewers fast-forward through commercials. Print is unique; print doesn’t have the same diversions as electronic media and print can be a measured addition to your marketing campaign.

At Lawton we know a lot about political printing. We should, we’ve been doing it for over 75 years and we’re ready to put our expertise to work on your campaign. We operate a union shop and can add the union bug to any piece at the candidate’s discretion. In terms of direct mail, we process over 2 million pieces each year and can handle all your mailing needs as well. We also offer design and list management services for those who need them. In addition, we can provide other campaign items you may need such as yard signs, vinyl banners, campaign buttons or stickers making Lawton your one-stop-shop for all your campaign needs.

Perhaps our biggest asset is our experienced sales, customer service and production teams who understand the demands of campaign marketing. They are ready to handle projects small and large in the most expedient manner to meet the candidate’s needs.

They say you’re not supposed to talk politics at work, but for us, during this time of year, we talk about it a lot. Campaigning is tough work, so let us take the stress out of producing your marketing materials. Call today to get started or to learn more!


PS – Check out one of our earliest advertisements for campaign printing from the early 1950s.

Vintage Political Marketing

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