4-2As I look at our company’s history, two of the pillars of our success have been our ability to adapt our processes to meet our customers’ needs and our willingness to embrace the ever changing technology in our industry.

In the 1950’s, World War II had impacted paper imports causing corporations like Kaiser Aluminum to seek out printers on American soil. Considering Lawton was already producing a significant amount of work for Kaiser, they thought the family- run business would be able to take on a substantial order for file folders. With the printing expertise of my great- grandfather and the engineering knowledge of my grandfather, they agreed to take on the task of building a special machine to accommodate a 60,000 folder order. Thus, File- Ez Folder, an entirely new company was born.

Designing and building a specialized machine to make file folders was just the beginning of integrating new technology to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Since the 1950’s, we have been the front- runners in coming- of- age technology.  Lawton acquired the first phototypesetter in the northwest in 1955, installed the first Heidelberg Direct Imaging press in 1995, and became the first publisher to produce websites for Chambers of Commerce. This tradition continues today as we offer everything from traditional print to event management software to promotional products for our partners.

Thanks to new developments in technology and the printing industry, we embrace the opportunity to become more diverse in our products and services. Our industry changes daily and the entrepreneurial spirit my great grandfather and grandfather instilled in our business model has helped to sustain Lawton Printing Services. We are a 75 year old start up with the opportunity to reinvent our business based on the needs of our customers, making Lawton more than just a printing company.

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