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Brand Building Solutions

Brand Building Solutions-Lawton Printing Services

Simply stated, your brand is your promise to your customer.  It isn’t your logo, your Pantone colors, your letterhead or your building.  It’s the consistent experience people have with your company.  High quality, constant messaging is imperative in building and maintaining your company’s brand.


Developing a strategy requires self reflection, a strong strategic plan and the courage to claim your company’s personality.  The strongest brands are not all things to all people.  They are very clear in their single minded, focused voice and character.


The first customers to believe in and advocate for your brand are internal.  Awareness requires honest, direct, clear communication with your employees.  They are your advocates.  All employees should know exactly what the company’s personality is, and how that is communicated to your customers.


Look at your company’s brand by seeing your customer’s experience through their eyes.  Are all touch points consistent?  Are you solidifying the experience you want your customers to have?  Is the quality of your messaging consistent?  From the direct mail piece they receive to the interaction at the cash register — all should communicate the same message.


When you’ve established and built your brand, consistency is key. Brand maintenance means regularly reviewing your marketing communications to ensure your brand is being consistently represented at every touchpoint.  Everything from consistency in logo colors to spatial placement of your logo.  Tactical implementation of identity standards can make or break the strength of your brand, in all communication.

Lawton Printing Services offers solutions at all levels of developing, building and maintaining your brand.  Contact us for solutions that will ensure your brand messaging is the strongest it can be.