Avista Corp Annual Report 2012

//Avista Corp Annual Report 2012
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Project Description

Avista Corp. Annual Report 2012


Lawton Printing has had the opportunity to print the Avista Corp. Annual Report for the past several years. We’ve worked closely with Avista and Klundt Hosmer in collaborating to produce this project. In addition to meeting the federal and stock exchange regulatory requirements, this piece is also a marketing tool for investors and consumers. Avista’s Annual Report is a complex, time-sensitive, critical project for Avista and Klundt Hosmer. The expectations are high it’s a challenging job and we are pleased to work on it.


There are several unique challenges to the Avista Annual Report. The book is a full-color piece requiring precision printing and consistent high quality color application. The complexity of the design, a concrete deadline, delivery to multiple locations on the East Coast, large quantity and the critical need for the accuracy of the material combine to make this assignment an exciting one.


The team approach and working relationship between Lawton Printing and Klundt Hosmer is crucial. Early collaboration and planning with Klundt Hosmer, our customer service team and our production team has allowed all of us to anticipate problems, brainstorm solutions and ideas, streamline production and determine scheduling. This planning affords us the opportunity for several rounds of proofing and accommodates the last minute availability of editorial and financial data. From these meetings we are able to stage paper so we are all ready to go when the final files are available. Ultimately, this has led to the Annual Report being delivered on time and on budget. Lawton Printing is the only full service printer with perfect binding and press perfecting (printing on both sides of the sheet in one pass through the press) capability in the area. The financial section of this project had been printed out of market in the past. Avista and Klundt Hosmer were happy to work with a local company that is capable of doing the report from beginning through binding and delivery.


Avista and Klundt Hosmer have been happy with the results they’ve seen from Lawton Printing over the past three years. We are currently in the planning process for the next Avista Annual Report, and look forward to continuing to deliver a successful piece.

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